Wenge & Osage Orange Display Jar

This Wenge & Osage Orange Display Jar was another Christmas gift this year.

The base is a solid piece of Wenge, while the lid is made with Wenge & Osage Orange by a process known as segmented turning**. The knob, or finial, is made from African Blackwood.

**Segmented turning is turning on a lathe where the initial work piece is composed of multiple glued-together parts. The process involves gluing up several pieces of wood to create patterns and visual effects in turned projects. More information at Wikipedia.


Display jars are great for all kinds of things! Candies, beads, balls, corks, buttons, stones… anything you can think of would look great in a display jar. This one is a little bigger at just over 10 inches & would be great for a doll, or other collectable you want to protect while still being able to look at it.

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