About Me

Kyle Stubbins

Hi, my name is Kyle Stubbins (but you picked up on that in the URL, didn’t you?) and welcome to my website!  Let me take a minute of your time to tell you a bit about myself.

By day, I am a Certified Master Safecracker and own / operate Stubb Safe & Vault in the Greater Toronto, Ontario area (GTA).

By night, I am a maker.  I take ordinary materials & build extra-ordinary items.  While I’m updating my website, you can check my Twitter and Instagram feeds.

I like to tinker in a lot of things and, today, between Google and YouTube, it couldn’t be easier.  After all, that’s how you got here, isn’t it?   That’s kinda how I started my own site.  I just wanted a place to store my experiences and if they could help someone else out, great!

My work history can be found on my Resume page, or on my LinkedIn page.