Reclaimed Pallet Wood Coffee Table

My reclaimed pallet wood coffee table was a fun project that started off simply with a leftover pallet from a delivery. I started breaking down the pallet and, even though it was splotched with blue paint, the wood looked to be in good shape. I plucked a board out, put it through the thickness planer to clean it up and it was beautiful! What should I do with it? Well, I just happen to need a coffee table.

The frame is made from 1″ square steel tube, cut to length, welded together, primed and painted matte black.

The boards were jointed together in two groups, creating “halves”. They were then sent through the thickness planer, to get a uniform thickness on both halves, which were then glued together to form the top. The entire top was then flattened by hand, dry sanded to 400 and finished with multiple coats of lacquer.

Nail holes were left untouched to add accent to this great piece!

** I made this reclaimed pallet wood coffee table for me, but everything is for sale. It’s not in my store, but contact me if you’d like to own it.

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