Customer Service Needs a Revamp


Today I called Bell Canada’s support line and spoke with Marisol.  The objective of the call was to straighten out a billing issue for their satellite TV service.

So, the account is not in my name, but the email address associated with it is mine – clearly – as it’a from my domain. I understand Bell canot discuss someone else’s account with me, but listen to my request.

This post is about how impersonal customer service has become.


Some background

The account holder is older and does not have Internet access – or, more accurately, how to use it to get e-bills and pay them – so I’ve helped do that.

Two months ago, as I will not be able to do this for a while, the account for e-billing was closed on the website. The option was chosen and a clear “warning” was issued that this would revert to paper billing. Perfect, that’s what I’m after.


A month later

I received an email notification that the e-bill is ready for pickup. So I send back a reply and state that I am not looking after the account and they need to send paper billing.  Please remove MY email from the account as it is no longer associated.


And another month later

I get a second email from Bell stating that my e-bill is ready.  Really?

This time I make the call and, as stated, spoke with Marisol.  I told Marisol I was not the account holder, but did not want information about the account,  I simply wanted to inform them they were sending the bill, incorrectly, and that they needed to send paper to the account holders physical address.

Of course, I got a canned response – “I’m sorry, we can’t make any changes to the account as you are not an authorized user on the account. “.  Again, really?

I asked Marisol to think about what I am saying – the account holder is not getting bills. I am telling you this because you are sending them to ME, a third party. You can see my name in the email is NOT the name of the account holder.

Still, same response.



I got so frustrated at trying to solve a simple problem because I was met with such impersonal customer service representatives at Bell Canada.

In the end, I told Marisol that I would be blocking all email from on my domain and that Bell has all the correct information in their system to contact the account holder. I also told her that the account holder was generally not pleased with Bell, so if they choose not to bill properly, they will not get paid and if the account is suspended because of Bell’s neglect to properly send out bills, a provider change would be welcome.

I simply can not believe how impersonal CSRs are today. How scripted they are and how they can not (will not!) alter from it.

Something as small as getting a bill to a customer and Bell is willing to have closed accounts and unpaid services over it. I mean, heck, you call me up and tell me a customer is not getting a bill from me, and here’s how to fix it – I have nothing but gratitude, and so does my customer. It avoids all kinds of headaches for both of us.

I SMH at Bell’s CSRs.


UPDATE 07/08/16

Today, I received an email from Bell to “Please tell us how we’re doing.”.


What’s the point of sending crap like this out if you’re not going to read or act on anything? I’ve been telling you for over a month what a crappy job you’ve been doing at customer service.  I’ve even written a blog post about it!  Are you sure you want me to take your survey?

I was not kind.


UPDATE 08/04/16

Still getting emails from Bell.

Blocked the domain at the server level.

Called them, yet again.

If my dad doesn’t start getting paper bills, they will not get paid and they can close the account.

I’m tired of pulling my hair out with Bell CSRs.

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