The rules here are simple. Abide by them and all points of view are welcome — do not and you are not welcome here. And since this is my blog and not yours, you don’t have a lot to say about it, do you? 😉

Spammers are stupid, stupid people — go away, spammer, you’re not welcome here.

1. Please stay on topic – if you’re not sure what the topic is, you shouldn’t be commenting.

2. Please refrain from using profanity – some users may be reading at work, others just don’t appreciate it.

3. Please refrain from personal attacks – there will be no tolerance for abuse/attacks on or against other users. Heck, say what you want about me, ya can’t hurt my feelings — however, one-liners such as “You’re a dick”, “Moron”, etc. will be removed without response. If you have something to say, say it — I will not remove any points-of-view if an honest attempt at an intelligent response is made.

4. Please do not feed the Trollscontact me and I will deal with them.

5. This is not a chatboard – if you wish to continue debate with another user, please get their email address or take it to another site (or cut me a cheque for the bandwidth!).

6. Please do not provide false email addresses – if you do not want to leave your email, leave it blank.

7. Please do not provide false URL’s – if you don’t have a weblog/site, or don’t want to link it, leave it blank.

I know most of you probably didn’t need to read this, so thanks! Those that should be reading this probably won’t. 🙁