Christmas Dinner

This is for friends and family that I have told about the recipe for cooking the perfect turkey — and have not believed me! 🙂

Our Christmas Bird just came out of the oven — my mouth is watering! Accordingly, I only have a few minutes to get this posted!

Here’s what you do…

1) Get yourself a FRESH Turkey (the one above was a 17 lb. bird)
2) Clean and dress with your choice of stuffing
3) Rub the bird liberally with butter, salt and fresh ground black pepper
4) Get out a large enough roasting pan for your bird — place a cooking rack on the bottom of the pan
5) Place stuffed turkey, on the rack, in the roasting pan
6) Add approximately 1/2 cup of water to the roasting pan
7) Pre-heat your oven to 325 degrees (a convection oven is nice, but not needed)
8) Place the roasting pan on the center rack — DO NOT COVER!!
9) Calculate the amount of time for your bird with 15 minutes of cook time per pound (ours was 17 x 15mins = 4 hours and 15 minutes)
10) THIS IS IMPORTANT — FORGET ABOUT THE BIRD!! Come back at your calculated time and remove the pan from the oven.
11) The results can be seen above… a perfectly cooked turkey!

You may think I’m nuts… but try it before you make up your mind! I thought the person that told me how to do this was nuts! 😉