Canada Post Bogus Delivery Attempt Caught On Camera

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I don’t really like posting just to post negative stuff.  I really dislike wasting my time, but sometimes it just gets under my skin so much that I have no choice.  This IS a rant about Canada Post, so be forewarned if you choose to read on!

What’s it all about?

Canada Post Bogus Delivery Attempt

It’s about a driver who made no attempt at all to deliver my package and had assistance at the Canada Post depot in trying to conceal it.  To make matters worse, a formal complaint with Canada Post resulted in “Sorry, not much we can do about it.”.

This particular package is pretty important to me – it’s my new 3D Printer – RostockMax from SeeMeCNC, which I have been waiting for, for over a week.  You know how hard that is?  So, I tracked it every chance I got and knew where it was at ALL times.  In fact, I tracked it this morning when I got up and saw that it was very probable it was going out for delivery today.  I purposely made sure I had nothing to do today so I would be home.  I was excited!

I tracked it about 8:15am – still no “out for delivery” notice, so I got on Twitter and read for a while.  Did a few other things, and before I knew it, it was pushing 10am, so I tracked it again.  “Item out for delivery” at 8:36am. YAHOO!

Wait.  What’s this?  “Attempted delivery. Notice card left indicating where item can be picked up.” at 8:40am.  What?  How is this possible?  Then the next line – “Item in transit to Post Office” at 9:22am.  I am very confused.

I open my front door – no delivery notices.  I run out to my mailbox – I have a delivery notice!?!?  Notice the delivery date, but no time.

Canada Post delivery notice

And here is the tracking screenshot;

Canada Post tracking


I was home and sitting in the front living room reading.  My dad was in the kitchen and my dog would have alerted me to the presence of someone at my door.  How did I miss this delivery?  Well, I’m going to look at my cameras and find out.


Caught On Camera

Caught on Camera?  Yes, but nowhere near as exciting as Nick Cannon’s show.

It didn’t take long to figure out that I had been had.  The first clue was the two scan times, 4 minutes apart.  Anyway, the next three images show Canada Post pulling up, stopping and then pulling away from my mailbox – all within 13 seconds.

Canada Post arriving

Canada Post at mailbox

Canada Post leaving


Am I happy to see that it was not I that missed the delivery, or happy to see that I caught this on camera, or extremely unhappy that I don’t have my new 3D printer.  Mostly the latter.  You think I want to be spending the time making this blog post right now?  HELL NO!  I would rather be making a blog post on the assembly of a RostockMax.  Wouldn’t you like to see that?  Instead, I’m beating my head against a brick friggin’ wall.

So, visibly upset, I call Canada Post to lodge a complaint.  I speak to a very nice lady, we go through the entire process, she even states that the two scans 4 minutes apart is not normal and that the delivery person (rural SS route) would not have a buddy scanner with them.  This means the delivery person KNEW they were not going to make any attempts at actually delivering the package to me BEFORE they even left the depot.

The item was marked as “Item in transit to Post Office” at 9:22am yet the “delivery attempt” didn’t take place until 9:39am.  It was scanned as “Attempted delivery. Notice card left indicating where item can be picked up.” at 8:40am. – 50 minutes BEFORE the “delivery attempt”.

This Canada Post CSR tells me she’s going to see if she can get a supervisor and get this escalated for me.

{ Elevator music for about 5 minutes… }

CRS comes back – “just a few more minutes – I’m  trying to get a supervisor”.

{ Elevator music for another 5 minutes… }

CSR comes back – “I have a supervisor for you.”

{ Supervisor connects }

Now I go through the whole process again with the supervisor.  The only difference is, he’s on the defensive, questions everything I say and gives a run-around answer when questioned.  For example, I asked him “Do you think it’s physically possible for the item to be out for delivery and have a failed delivery attempt four minutes later?”.  His answer was “I am not going to comment on the practices of delivery personnel.”.  Questions, such as, “Do you think that the delivery person NOT getting out of their vehicle is an acceptable delivery practice?” and “How can the parcel be on it’s way back to the depot 50 minutes before the delivery notice was delivered?”, were all met with the same response.

I then asked for him to have it re-delivered today to which he told me he could “make a request with the depot”.  So, I get put on hold for another 5 minutes when he comes back and says “I have tried all the numbers at the depot and they are not answering.” and that I could have a re-delivery request added, but that wouldn’t go out until Monday.  I said, “You understand I can get it tomorrow after 1pm, right?  Why would I possibly consider waiting until Monday for a re-delivery request?”  How do these people get to be supervisors?  Long story short, he couldn’t help me and didn’t really care that the delivery person made no attempt to do their job.  It’s a crazy world.

So, why didn’t they make the delivery attempt?

Well, I can only come up with two scenarios;

  1. the package is 42 pounds and the driver was a small female (not trying to be sexist, just trying to come up with reasoning);
  2. the package required the collection of HST as it came across the border.  PITA?  Time consuming?  Friday?


Oh, don’t leave yet – we’re not done!

The supervisor tells me he’s going to submit a service ticket for me and I will hear back from Canada Post.  Yeah – whatever.

Then I get this email;

Canada Post email 1

Canada Post has opened a support ticket for me, regarding “Picking up a mail item”.  Oh, boy.  That was at 11:21am today (04/29/16).

At 11:24am, I receive this email;

Canada Post email 2

Ah, they’ve resolved my issue!

We wish to inform you that all of the necessary actions in connection with your Canada Post Customer Service ticket have been completed and the ticket has been closed.

Well, alrighty then!

Um, wait, what?

Then another;

Canada Post email 3

Thank you for contacting Canada Post Customer Service. We have recorded your comment in the Service Ticket described below.


{ Sigh }


In Conclusion

Why is this is the type of customer service we come to expect from large corporations?  It’s frustrating, to say the least.

Why can’t it be easier to get things across the border?  I shuddered at ordering this printer and put it off for over a month.  I’ve been screwed large by UPS and this ordeal leaves a very sour taste in my mouth for dealing with Canada Post.  I’m out of options.


Well, if you got to the end of this post (rant), thank you for reading and I hope you NEVER have to go through anything remotely close to this.



I picked up my printer from the Post Office… I’m betting heavily on option 1 (the package is 42 pounds and the driver was a small female).  I’ll admit, it was awkward even for me.  Again, not trying to be sexist, but if you can’t do the job…  It was light enough to ship via Canada Post and should have been given to another driver if it was too heavy for the route driver.  I paid good money to have this delivered to me, to which no attempt was ever made.



4 comments on “Canada Post Bogus Delivery Attempt Caught On Camera

  1. Ha, what an awesome blog. Today I went through the same thing “no one home” even though I was 10 feet from the door when they supposedly tried to deliver. They are a joke and deserve to be dissolved.

  2. Um, you do realize that not all Canada Post parcel services include delivery to the door, right? If it was just Regular Parcel or Expedited Parcel service (e.g. plain old mail service) then it is perfectly normal to get a notice in the mailbox saying, “you have a parcel at the post office, go pick it up” without any delivery attempt. This is how all Parcel deliveries have always been handled for people in neighbourhoods with superboxes, or apartment buildings, whenever the parcel is too big to fit in the mailbox. If it was Xpresspost service then AFAIK yes they are supposed to attempt delivery to the door in that case.

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