Abuse of Power (UPDATED)

Just another example of the abuse of power.

Here we have a Ministry of Transportation Ontario Motor Vehicle Enforcement Officer who has used his status to park illegally. And for what? To do his grocery shopping. This was taken in a mall on Hurontario North in Brampton, Ontario (around the 10906 range), — Sept. 20, 2007 around 2:00pm EST.

 abuse_092007_01a abuse_092007_01b

abuse_092007_01c abuse_092007_01d

If you wish to voice your displeasure in seeing this type of abuse, you can contact the MOT here –> http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/feedback/minister.htm.

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Oh Brother!

Brother_PPF-1820Just this past Thursday I was waiting on a fax to come through with a BOL (Bill Of Lading) for a package that I needed to get shipped out ASAP. I got a call back from the trucking company dispatcher that she was getting “no” as a reply to their faxes. “No”, I asked? “That’s what it replies with”, she said. Well, I was about 1/2 hour away and was on my way back, so I told her I’d check it out and get back to her.

Upon my arrival to my shop, I looked at the fax machine — a Brother Intellifax 1820C — it said “Machine Error – Code 41 — Unplug machine and call Brother”. So, I unplugged the machine and let it sit for about 10 minutes and plugged it back in — with the same results.

That’s when I hit Google up for some answers. A simple search for “Machine Error Code 41” produced all the answers I needed. The error is caused by the printhead — which is not sensing a quick enough voltage change during it’s initialization. A real quick explanation of it is, the machine uses voltage to heat the ink to the proper temperature before/as it is “sprayed” through the ink jets — if that doesn’t happen, the ink doesn’t flow properly.

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At the race track

I was at the race track last weekend to watch a friend of mine, Sean, race. I enjoy the races and haven’t been in a while, so I thought it would be fun — especially since I knew someone racing.

To make a long story short, I didn’t get to see too much of Sean as he had some “technical difficulties” with his transmission and had to be pushed off the track after a half lap. Bummer. Actually, to be quite honest, this happened August 4th.

shawn_01a shawn_01b

 The good news? Sean works at a Transmission shop! The bad news? The transmission is from a 1971 Ford Pinto and they don’t have parts to fix it! Double bummer.

Of course, when stuff like this happens, I seem to be the one my friends bring their stuff to when it needs fixing. Ah, but I enjoy a challenge! 🙂

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85 Chevy P/U – frame strip down and paint

This post highlights the frame strip down and painting from my 85 Chevy P/U – Short-Box, Step-Side Restoration Project.

I’m finally getting some pics taken of my progress (which has been relatively slow as I simply have a ton on the go this summer). This weekend past I finished up the frame restoration. Basically, it involved grinding down, spot blasting, cutting out, repairing and painting of the frame. It’s actually done, but I haven’t taken pics of the painted frame yet. Here’s what I do have;

1985 Chevy Shortbox - frame strip down 1985 Chevy Shortbox - frame strip down 2

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Another OPP officer faces an impaired charge

The Star (CP);

A provincial police officer is facing impaired driving charges following the crash of a cruiser south of Burleigh Falls last week.

Orillia OPP say Const. Kevin Duignan, 48, has been charged with care and control of a motor vehicle while impaired, and care and control of a vehicle while over the legal limit.

Police say Duignan, who is posted to the Peterborough County detachment, was operating a police vehicle at the time of the collision on Highway 28.

He was treated for minor injuries and has been suspended from duty while an internal investigation is conducted.

Duigan is to appear in a Peterborough court on May 3.

So, ya wanna talk Cultural Genocide?

Cherokees vote to stampede Blacks out of tribe (by DAVID KENE — Amsterdam News)

Early last month (on March 3), members of the Oklahoma Cherokee nation decided that they no longer wanted to recognize Blacks as members of their tribe. To them Black Cherokee was a contradiction in terms. What about their past camaraderie? Reportedly, an apparent sham—a brotherhood forced upon them by an 1866 U.S. treaty. So, they voted to kick out all Black Cherokee members on the spot. Fewer than 7,000 voted, accounting for an approximate 70 percent majority in favor of the Black ouster. The vote is poised to set a precedent, as Native American tribes, long the victims for broken treaties, threaten to use the issue of sovereignty for the first time as reason to break a treaty of their own.

Have you seen the Bubble Gum Bandit?


Durham regional police are hoping to pop the bubble of a bubble gum bandit who has been driving around the GTA and stealing chewing gum. $5,000 worth of chewing gum, to be exact.

Police say the woman enters big chain grocery stores and walks out with a shopping cart full of cases of gum, Durham Sgt. Paul McCurbin said.

Store flyers are placed on the cases of gum as she leaves the store to try to cover up the thefts, police said.


Is there a demand for “Black Market” bubble gum?

Must be.