It's a good idea, but...

I can't say I like the way the McGuinty government has implemented the new "recycling program" for wine and liquor bottles.

680 News - Jaime Pulfer;

Toronto - The McGuinty government's liquor and wine bottle deposit return program begins today; but, whether Ontarians will bag the bottles and heading off to the beer store for their refunds remains to be seen.

Some individuals tell 680News the $0.10 or $0.20 refund may not be enough motivation - they'll continue to just toss the empties in the blue box and take them out to the curb on recycling day.

Toronto City Councillor photo fiascle

I can imagine it looked more like a skit from an episode of Benny Hill than a formal portrait of Toronto's City Councillors.

Councillor Kyle Rae described the incident as the "lowest depth of childishness."

"It was like watching a 3-year-old have a temper tantrum," he said.

85 Chevy P/U - engine rebuild

This post highlights the rebuild process of the old 305 in my 1985 Chevy Short-Box, Step-Side Restoration Project.

Well, I got the block and heads back, and picked up all the parts needed to rebuild my 305. Here are a couple of pics;

The block after machining.


More violence against Canadian tourists in Mexico

Last year, the Ianieros of Woodbridge, ON were killed in Cancun.

In January of this year, Woodbridge, ON teen Adam DePrisco was killed in Acapulco in what Mexican officials said was a hit-and-run.

This weekend past, two more Canadians, one from Welland and the other from Niagara Falls, were shot and wounded in Mexico.

[Liberal MP Dan McTeague] - "We don't want to be seen as jumping to conclusions but at the same time I think we have to err on the side of caution," [...]

Is this coincidence, or should we be "jumping to conclusions"? I know I will "err on the side of caution", that's for sure! ;)

A crime of opporunity

It only takes seconds, as this Oakville couple found out this morning.

More 4 wheel drive problems with my '03 Blazer (UPDATED)

Am I glad that I fixed my 4 wheel drive! I've needed it a few times this month. The unfortunate part of this update is the fact that I now have a very defined "clunk" in the front differential. Of course, this is just speculation at this point simply by where and when the noise occurs.

Hamilton Cops -- Suspended with pay! (UPDATED)

The Hamilton Spectator - By Susan Clairmont;

A pair of Hamilton cops -- one a rookie, the other a veteran detective -- are charged with framing a man for a crime he didn't commit.


First, let's meet the two cops.

Constable Jessica Prazeres has only been wearing a badge for 10 months. She donned a uniform in July and hit the streets with a training officer. She just got off her probation as a new recruit in November when she was allowed for the first time to work on her own.

Her name might not mean much to you. But try Googling Jessica Amaro.


Then there's Detective Helena Russell. A 16-year veteran. Most recently working out of the Mountain criminal investigation division. Before that she had worked in the sexual assault unit. Russell has had a high community profile in the past few months as president of the Hamilton chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Jessica was the chapter's vice-president.


They will continue to be paid while they are suspended.


Only in Canada, eh? ;)

UPDATE (02/03/07) - The Hamilton Spectator, letters to the editor -- Hiring process should weed out bad cops

No more cell phones

As of tomorrow, there will be no more cell phones in Milwaukee area high schools. Now all we have to do is get rid of the guns!

MSNBC (Associated Press);

MILWAUKEE - School brawls have gone high tech, with students using cell phones to call in reinforcements — in one case requiring police and pepper spray to break up a fight that swelled to about 20 family members on school grounds.

The fracas earlier this month, in which six students and three adults were arrested, was the latest in a surge of cell phone-related fights and prompted Wisconsin’s largest school district to ban cell phones in its 217 schools beginning Monday.

[The entire article is linked above]

So, you wanna come to downtown Toronto, eh?

Where do these guys come up with stuff like this?

Hwy 407 ETR -- Loyalty Program

With the ever-rising prices of the Express Toll Route (ETR) Hwy 407, I have found myself using it less and less (it cost me $16.63, with a transponder, from end to end (102.7KM) last month) -- which I think is the motive behind the new 407 loyalty program.

680News - Debra Edwards, with reports from Canadian Press;

Toronto - It will soon cost regular users less to drive on Highway 407, as its operators plan to unveil a new loyalty program this week.

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