85 Chevy P/U - engine tear down

This post highlights the tear down of the old 305 in my 1985 Chevy Short-Box, Step-Side Restoration Project, in preparation for rebuilding.

This is really going to be more of a "show and tell" post... the pictures pretty much explain it.

Here's the engine after it was removed.


The brackets, sensors and accessories were the first to go... then the exhaust manifolds were removed. As you can see in the picture (sorry for the quality of this one), the two "shiny" spots are broken bolts in the drivers side manifold... bummer. I could not get the manifold to budge -- the bolts were frozen/welded to the manifold! Arg! It took a bit with a drill bit down the center of the bolts to get the manifold off, and then a little heat on the bolts to remove the broken studs from the heads -- no biggie.

Next to come off were the rocker covers -- everything looked good under there.

Then the intake manifold.

The rocker arms were loosened off and the push rods were removed.

The heads were removed next.

Down to the block, I removed the timing chain cover...

flipped her over and removed the oil pan.

Here you can see the crankshaft after the oil pump and pistons have been removed.

And finally... a stripped down block. The timing gears and chain, camshaft, crankshaft, main bearings, oil filter port and flywheel have all been removed.

Other than that, I cleaned up the block a little, removed the old gaskets and all bolts and it was ready to be sent out for testing and machining. The heads went at the same time, after I cleaned them up.

Stay tuned for the rebuild! :)