S10 4.3 Vortec ZR2 Stumble / Hesitates Just After Taking Off

I have a 99 S10 that I just bought a few weeks ago. My wife was hesitant letting me get a new toy, but caved as long as it was a good deal and didn't have to put much money into it. I love this truck, can't believe I almost looked at a Ford. Got the 4WD working great now, and a tranfer case leak taken care of, but still hesitating.

Starts great, but if you drive away right away, it stumbles in that first block or two, then it acts like you flipped a switch and runs great from then on. Does this every single time after starting it, so I can't start and dart into traffic or I get "the looks" for people. I found that if I just start it and let it idle for a minute or two before going, then it seems to be better.

I'm not getting any DTC codes. I don't have a fuel pressure gauge, and really don't want to do parts shotgun replacement. The way it seems to click in and then go fine seems like a give away, just not giving it away to me.

Any thoughts from anyone?