85 Chevy P/U – frame strip down and paint

This post highlights the frame strip down and painting from my 85 Chevy P/U – Short-Box, Step-Side Restoration Project.

I’m finally getting some pics taken of my progress (which has been relatively slow as I simply have a ton on the go this summer). This weekend past I finished up the frame restoration. Basically, it involved grinding down, spot blasting, cutting out, repairing and painting of the frame. It’s actually done, but I haven’t taken pics of the painted frame yet. Here’s what I do have;

1985 Chevy Shortbox - frame strip down 1985 Chevy Shortbox - frame strip down 2

A bad portion of the frame needed to be repaired. Here, I’ve ground off the original rivets used to secure the leaf spring supports to the frame — and pounded them through to remove the supports. The bad section was then cut out with a small cut off wheel in an air grinder.

1985 Chevy Shortbox - frame strip down 3 1985 Chevy Shortbox - frame strip down 4

After welding in the new piece of steel, the welds were ground down to produce a smooth, finished surface (well, better than the rest of the frame anyway!).

The leaf spring supports were then reattached with grade 8 hardware. The key to this was marking the location of the support on the frame before removing it. Of course, I had to do this on the top of the frame as I was cutting out most of the side. I would imagine you’d track poorly if you were to be off much here, which would cause excessive tire wear, among a host of other problems, such as handling.

 1985 Chevy Shortbox - frame strip down 51985 Chevy Shortbox - frame strip down 6

Last, the frame was ground down with an angle grinder and stone, then with a wire cup brush to remove as much rust as possible. (Yeah, the underside was fun.)

I’ll have to take a few more pics and get them posted — I’ll update this as soon as I do.

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  1. i was wondering if a 72 chevy Cheyenne long bed frame would fit my 85 c10 long bed ???
    the front part on my 85 broke

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